Treating and Preventing Damp in Buckhurst Hill, Essex

Many property owners are fully aware that they have damp in their building and choose to ignore it or decorate over it. Although this can be seen as a short-term fix, it is likely to result in much more serious issues in the future. At Property Care Services Ltd, in Buckhurst Hill, Essex, we are damp proofing specialists. We understand that damp can lead to decay in your property and encourage rot and mould, which is why we provide damp proof treatments that will help to maintain your property.

Identifying the Type of Damp

There are three main types of damp - rising damp, penetrating damp, and condensation. The simplest way to determine which you have is by assessing where it is located. Rising damp usually causes 'tide marks' on walls, as well as peeling wallpaper and damp or cold plaster. Penetrating damp is most often seen on ceilings or at the top of walls where rain is coming in. Condensation is most commonly found behind large furniture, in bathrooms, or on and around windows. Whatever type of damp you have, it is important to have it treated straight away.

Devising a Solution

By completing consultations and surveys, we are able to locate the source of the damp and set out a cost-effective course of action to stop the problem. Alongside damp proofing, we also offer cellar tanking, which involves installing a membrane to waterproof your cellar, making it fit for habitation or storage. Our experienced team can also repair and redecorate areas affected by damp, water, or rot.

Helpful Tips

There are many ways to help prevent damp from occurring in your property. Our tips for doing so include:

  • Keep Guttering Free of Leaves and Debris
  • Ensure Your Downpipes Are in Good Repair
  • Clear Drains and Use Grating Coverings to Allow Free Flow
  • Keep Rendering on the outside of Your Property in Good Shape
  • Do Not Build up Soil next to Your House Past the Damp Proof Course
  • Keep Vents Clear of Any Blockages

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